How To Kill A Mocking Bird Literary Analysis

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Harper Lee, an author, wrote her book “How to Kill a Mockingbird” in a black segregated time. She wrote the book because she wanted to show people how life was life for everyone during that era of her life and others. In her book, three of the literary elements she used was the conflict of others’ needs above our own, the motif of not judging a person by what it seems and sound like, and the symbol of blacks and whites being able to exist together. First, Jem is now going to school, and there is a new teacher, Miss Caroline, that is not from Maycomb. Once class starts Miss Caroline teaches the class, but Jem knows everything Miss Caroline is trying to teach the children. So she is displeased with it and they do not start off on the right foot. At lunch, Miss Caroline tried to give Walter Cunningham a nickel but does not accept the nickel so Scout tries to defend Walter. In the end, scout ends up being smacked on the hand with a ruler. At the end of the day, Atticus teaches scout a lesson, “You never really…show more content…
Since it is relevant to today because social media and the internet is a big rumor and talk so it is especially hard to not be talked bad upon when social media is involved, but if we always remember to never judge someone until you have seen what they have done. I can relate to Jem and Scout because everyone in elementary says if you are bad kids then you will always bad because you have done one big bad thing in your life and you will have rumors about you. Then, during middle school, I have gone to question that since all the claimed “bad kids” are not so bad at all, actually they are nice in good ways. In the end, nothing matter about a person from what you hear about them until you have gone up and see it for
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