How To Kill A Mockingbird Synthesis Essay

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“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority is a person’s conscience” (Lee 57). Many people will silence their opinions because they are not conventional. However, if nobody spoke up in situations about things like acts of racism, the world would be even more abhorrent than it already is. Everybody has opinions and those ideas should be recognized in a tasteful way, free of hatred and bitterness. A fallout between friends or a small possibility of something does not mean that one must give up or end a bond. “But no matter how bitter things get, they’re still our friends and this is still our home” (Lee 27). Instead of ending relationships in spite, Atticus reminds the reader that even if there is a disagreement, in the end, we all still go through the same experiences and sleep under the same stars. People who think that those with varying views…show more content…
“In Mississippi alone, 500 blacks were lynched from the 1800s to 1955” (Source 4). For some reason, instead of holding a fair trial against these people for their “crimes”, racists would viciously attack members of the black community because that is what they believed was right. In instances like this, people need to take into account how their actions were benefiting their community, including the colored population, not just themselves. “African Americans and others who supported civil liberties realized they would have to organize en masse and risk their lives in order to bring change” (Source 4). The black community, along with other nationalities, were so passionate about civil rights that they were willing to risk their lives so that the future generations can live comfortably. If individuals now had that kind of passion and motivations, the world could potentially become free of racism, sexism, and others -isms. If the community would be a little more selfless, change is a very possible thing in the
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