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How to Kill Silverfish

If you’ve notice the silvery torpedo-shaped insect scurrying out of a bookcase or your pantry, “how to kill silverfish” is probably a question and priority in your mind. Nobody wants their homes invaded by insects and especially ones that cause damage to food products and sometimes, precious books or manuscripts.

Nocturnal Habits & Diet

Silverfish are creatures of the night and possibly the only time you might come across one in the daytime hours is if you happen to move objects they are hiding under. If you move fast enough, you can kill silverfish by smashing them before it reaches another hiding place. You can usually bet that if you see one silverfish he has buddies waiting to come out and feast at night.

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If areas of the home are dusty, remove the dust. Repair any leaky pipe and holes around pipes leading into the home. If you have piles of books, magazines or newspapers it’s best to shuffle them around frequently so the silverfish can’t take up residence underneath them. You can also help control a problem by using dehumidifiers.

Going In For the Kill

If you’ve done everything to manage their environment, the next thing on your list is probably how to kill silverfish. If the infestation is small, you most likely don’t have to do a thing to kill the little buggers other than removing sources of water and cleaning up areas inside the home. You can kill the occasional silverfish in your home without the need of chemicals and by smashing it.

On the other hand and if the infestation is large, you will probably have to reach for the big guns to kill silverfish invading your home. Check for household sprays containing the ingredients of pyrethrins and pyrethroids. These ingredients will be listed on the label as bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, tetramethrin and phenothrin and kill the silverfish on contact. Some of these products have residual action and continue to kill for days or sometimes weeks after the
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