How To Kill An African-American Man Essay

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All across America, an epidemic of law enforcement perverting their power over the people has broken out. Statistics show that, every eight hours, someone’s life is taken away by the very people who are supposed to protect it. An African-American man is about twice as likely to be executed by an officer as a Caucasian man, whether they pose a threat or not. Jess Colarossi from reported that, “several Delaware police officers wound up fatally shooting the wheelchair-bound man.” This man, Jeremy McDole, was adjusting himself in the chair, with no weapon on him, and nevertheless the police found it compulsory to shoot a man incapable of even dressing himself in the morning. The thought processes that went through the minds of these officers is inconceivable. If the man in the wheel chair was white in this situation, it’s no question that the police would have used little, if any force with him. Alas, he was not, and therefore the law enforcement found itself brutally murdering an innocent man, again. Men aren’t the only ones at risk of being assassinated by the country’s finest, either. …show more content…

As is the case with little Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was seven years old when she was sleeping on her couch and subsequently shot by Detroit police during a raid; as if a sleeping second grader could present any sort of danger to a grown man. The frenzied raid was warranted on the suspicion that a murderer was residing in the home. This is no problem, no one should be upset that the police are attempting to actually do their job and apprehend a possible killer. However, they didn’t just seize the man they later convicted with first degree murder, they themselves murdered a child. The events of what occurred were fuzzy at best, perhaps this was an accident, perhaps not. With the eruption of racist police, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was caused by pure bigotry on the cop’s

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