How To Kill Children In The Middle Ages

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Imagine walking through a small town and seeing little toddlers begging for food or

suffering from a severe sickness that would soon kill them. Children in the Middle Ages did not

have the option to live the lavish lives children have today. Many times children would die

during delivery because it was such a hard process for them, and put so much stress on the

babies. If the children did not die during delivery, the mom might have during the birthing

process because they did not have the doctors or the proper tools to make the process easier. Not

to mention there was little to none pain suppressors for this process also. Although sometimes

everyone came through the process alive, it would have been extremely rare and seen as a …show more content…

Their actual

mothers spent their time at wealthy banquets and court affairs. Also only in wealthy families

children had the luxury cradles, walking frames, and other special toys. Even though a peasant

baby would not have had the best materials to properly take care of them, they still had an

incredibly special bond with their mother that wealthy babies would never have had the chance

to experience.

Even though children during the Medieval times did have to carry their own weight, most

of them did find the time to play like any child should. Sadly, younger children were seen as

useless because they could not yet contribute around the house. This has been proven historically

because children were not in any literature books, records, or arts. When the children grew to be

a little older, starting at ages twelve to fourteen, they began chores. Most of them had jobs like

feeding the animals, washing dishes, or taking care of their siblings while their parents worked

the fields. Most chores differed between boys and girls. The girls worked inside with

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