How To Kill Cops In America Essay

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My version of America would be that there are no more killing of cops. The second thing I would like to see happen is no more terrorism in America. The third thing I would like to see change in America is no more race problems. There are many other things I would like to see change in America, but seeing no more cops being killed, no more terrorism, and no more race problems are my main things I would like to get rid of. The main thing I would like to see go away in America is no more killing of cops. To me seeing all these cops being killed is a very terrible thing. Those cops are doing their best they possibly can as their cops and then just getting killed. I believe these cops are getting killed for the wrong reason. Many of them are getting killed because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without the cops willing to try and protect us and enforce the laws we would be lost. Cops have families and they are still willing l to risk their lives to save someone else and all some people have to do in return is kill them for their own pleasure. Another thing that…show more content…
The last main thing I would like to see if race problems going away. Some races think they deserve everything, but there is many different races in America. With there being so many different races in America, there is no way to please all of them, however we could do something to help the race problem. The race problem in America is the main reason a lot of all the other things are happening. I believe there has to be some way that we could get rid of the race problem. Maybe making it go back to how it use to be by making everything separate. Instead of trying to get all the races together we should try separating them so everyone will be all the same. If everyone is the same then we won’t have to worry about things getting blamed on other races and other people in other races getting killed by it. If we separate the races they won’t be able to blame everyone else for their
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