How To Kill Time Persuasive Essay

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Take time to imagine this scenario. You’re lying in bed, your ex has been missing for a few days. You have no idea where they could be, or what happened to them. A knock on the door leads to you being hauled away in a police car. Suddenly you’re thrust into a murder trial, and you’re the main suspect. This horror is Adnan Syed’s reality. Wrongfully accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999, Adnan Syed should be released due to conviction by uncreditable evidence, unclear witness statements, and unfair representation. First off, Adnan could not have committed this crime because the 2:36 “kill time” is basically impossible with Adnan’s alibi(Koenig, “Route Talk”). There was a very small window of time for Adnan to commit the murder and make the call at 2:36. There were 1500 students attending Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, Maryland. The final bell rings at 2:15. Before you are able to leave the 4 story building, the buses have to leave the parking lot. This could take up to 15 minutes. 15 minutes, that brings you to about 2:30. The Best Buy in town is a mile away. There is no logical way that he could have travelled a mile from school to the Best Buy, committed the murder, and made the call to Jay from a cell phone booth in 6 minutes. Adnan was also seen in the library at 2:30 by multiple people, which basically eliminates him from the suspect list (Koenig, “Route Talk”). Adnan was…show more content…
She was known for being gutsy and crass in the courtroom, but did she take it too far with this case? Adnan talks multiple times about how he loved and respected Cristina. He felt like she Cristina was trying to make Jay crack. I believe personally that it was a tactic of her’s she probably used quite often, and it probably worked more times than not. In Adnan’s case, it didn’t. She should have done her homework and contacted as many witnesses, such as Asia McClain, as she could to help in Adnan’s
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