How To Learn About The Holocaust

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Learning about the Holocaust really impacted me, it makes me sick to know the reasons why this awful tragedy occurred. The Holocaust was probably the scariest event I’ve ever learned about, I hope I will never have to face an event like this. Fortunately, I’m not the only person to hope this. Holocaust survivor, Israel Arbeiter also agrees, he prays for a new love of humanity to be born out of the horrors of the Holocaust, but what did he mean by this? What can we do to help answer his prayers? Mr. Arbeiter wants us to learn about the Holocaust so that history won 't repeat itself. If people know why this tragedy occurred, they will do anything to try to fix the cause so it won’t happen again. Hopefully, with learning about this tragedy, our world will come…show more content…
I will remember the Holocaust and ensure the memory of those who died is not forgotten. I will do this by thinking of the deaths of the Holocaust during the moment of silence every morning. The moment of silence is a moment to remember the ones who died for us, this is a great time to also remember the ones who passed during the Holocaust. I will remember and celebrate important dates, such as when the Holocaust ended. This was a relieving day for all, and deserves to be celebrated. I will request to take one school day every year just for the Holocaust, to remind people of how awful times were back then, and to inform new people who were not alive during this event. This event should never be forgotten, as nobody will understand the pain people went through unless they were a part of it. I will remind people of the important dates to show respect to everyone who lost their life, and to those who survived this tragedy. The Holocaust was an awful tragedy that deserves to be remembered. Millions of people lost their lives and many lucky people survived. We need to remember this time forever. It is in the past, but remembering can only change our world and make it a better environment for all in the
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