How To Learn English Essay

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Teaching children English – when and how These days, everybody has various opportunities to travel or to stay abroad for a longer time, and therefore it is becoming necessary to learn a foreign language. One can choose from several world languages such as English, French, German or Spanish. There is also a choice of many more exotic, but less spoken or more difficult languages, for example, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Catalan, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, and many others. For reasons of practicality and usefulness, the best choice is presumably English. Because it is one of the most widely spoken languages, it enables people to make themselves understood in almost every country. But this all raises the question of when it is the best time to start learning a new language in order to be able to learn as much as possible and be capable of using the language effectively whenever it is needed. Highly advantageous is to be raised in a bilingual family, which means that the parents have different languages as their mother tongues and talk to the children in their own native language. Because the children are then in an…show more content…
Attending them, pupils can supplement their theoretical knowledge from school with the practical knowledge, extend their vocabulary, or learn how to use the language in basic conversations. As time passes, children become teenagers and get to secondary school where the appropriate language level is required, and put the emphasis on further improvement. After a few years, the teenagers finish their secondary education and go to a university where it is likely that they will have to deal with English again to get better in the language as much as possible for them. Eventually, after years of studying, they will achieve a high level of language proficiency, so they can travel or live abroad without worries about not being able to understand the local
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