Personal Narrative: Lessons To Learn From Mistakes

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From the time we are born there will be mistakes in our lives and never take responsibility for the, but the only way we can learn from them is to take responsibility. The only way one can learn from their mistakes are to know what we have done wrong in the first place. Then we must actually know our mistake and see how it has affect others in their lives. Finally we must take responsibility to learn from all of these mistakes get the full effect of the punishment and to learn the lesson the best. There has been many occasion in my life where I have only learned by seeing my mistake and taking responsibility. In my life i have made many mistakes like everyone else in this world, my mistake was when I wasted time on someone who didn't deserve…show more content…
We both just had gotten out of poor relations with others and seemed to not be really looking to move on yet but that was until we met one another and gave it a chance. We both explained how different it was to be in a relationship where we could make the other happy just by ourselves being happy. Then it hit me, in my past relationship i wasn't happy at all. I spent all my time trying to make her happy I forgot the most important part in making sure i was happy. Since I've been with this girl I have been happy just being myself and even happier knowing that she is happy. The biggest mistake I've made was forgetting about my happiness and putting someone else's happiness before mine. In your life when a mistake is made you might not realize it till long after the fact, I didn't realize till months after when someone came into my life that to this day makes me happy. I realized my mistake and saw how it affected my family life and my friendships in a bad state. It took time from my family that I will never get back and friends from me I needed at the time. Now that it's over I see my mistake now and realize that you can't make someone happy without you being
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