How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days Movie Analysis

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Mass Communication Summary How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. The movie follows Andie Anderson and Benjamin Berry. Andie Anderson works in a fashion magazine called composure which is tailored for shallow materialistic women. She writes an advice column and does research for her advice column. Unfortunately for Andie, she doesn’t want to write about shoes or the latest trends or how to sweet talk yourself out of a ticket. She wants to make her own mark in this world. She wants to write about things that matter and things she’s interested in such as politics, religion and poverty. The reason she still held on to her job was because of the promise of being able to write whatever she wants by her boss Lana. Thus she holds on to her job with that promise. When her close friend Michelle had broken up with her boyfriend, Lana attempts to get Michelle to write a story on it which Michelle doesn’t want to do. Saving her friend, Andie come’s up with a “How to...” Her task is to lose a guy in ten days. Pleased with the idea, Lana doesn’t force her friend to write about her unpleasant breakup. Meanwhile, our second main protagonist, is Benjamin Berry. He’s an advertising executive who wants to broaden his advertising abilities to not only include sports but jewellery as well. When he hears about a possible scoop that his rivals, Judy Spears and Judy Green may get. He hastens to meet up with Phillip Warren, his boss. They meet in a bar, with Spears and Green most plausible candidates.
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