How To Lower The Drinking Age

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Under the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act [23 U.S.C 158], persons under 21 years of age are prohibited from purchasing alcohol in all 50 US states. although there are exceptions in certain states when alcohol is consumed at home, under adult supervision, and for medical purposes, the drinking age still stands. There are moves to lower the drinking age, however. many proponents think 18 is a good number, considering that teenagers at this age are practically considered adults. in fact, they think it is hilarious that an 18 year old can marry, vote, join the military or buy guns, but can 't buy or drink alcohol, which is probably the easiest thing anyone can do, as opposed to getting married and choosing the next president. Well, they should be happy now the rule has been amended, since the law to lower legal drinking age to 18, which was signed by President Obama, has taken effect last June 4, 2015. But people are divided with this move, with a majority of them saying there are serious consequences whether it is lowered or raised. so, which is it really? List of Pros of Lowering the Drinking Age Welcome adulthood with a shot of tequila In the U.S.,18 is the age of adulthood, which means that a teenager who reaches this age will receive rights and responsibilities suitable for their age. They now have the right to vote serve injuries sign contracts smoke cigarettes get married and even be prosecuted as an adult. so why not have the right to purchase and drink alcohol.
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