How To Make A Balance Sheet Analysis Macy's

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In the business world, marketing managers are often criticized that they “waste” the company’s money without worrying about how effectively or efficiently it is being spent. In reality, marketing is important to any company in order for them to be well known and to outshine any of its competitors. It all starts with the income statement and balance sheet to help them determine the cost they are allowed to spend in order for them to make a profit. Macy’s, Inc. is a huge corporation where an income statement and a balance sheet is a necessity to their marketers. The major reason is for them to know how to balance their budget. Marketing can be a major expense so they have to be very careful on what to spend it on, whether it is for commercial advertisement, coupons or making special sales in their stores. Overall, a marketer will have to know how much money they have to work with.
A balance sheet is the primary financial statement used to track the monetary gains and losses of any business. It can be used for long term and short-term. When it comes to a balance sheet, it lists the liabilities, assets, and equity. In other words, it is a statement that shows what you own and what you owe to someone. Assets are things you own, such as equipment, inventory, and cash. Liabilities are things you owe, such as
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Experimenting can be a big risk because you will never know what will go wrong or right. It is a huge thing to keep in mind because you have to take risks in marketing. Thinking outside the box is what makes marketers good at the job they perform. Since Macy’s know what tactics work for them, they might use the best out of all the years they have had and use them for next year. Marketing can take several years because they have to do research. It can vary on what to do research, whether it is what is in season, what gender people are, and the average income their customers
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