How To Make A Goose Persuasive Essay

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Mitchell Reitz
Mr. Bergmann
Senior English P3
26 August 2015
Perks of Owning a Goose
Pets may come and go for parts of an owner’s life, but in the pet’s eyes, the owner is their entire life. Cats and dogs are usually the pet of choice mostly because of the personalities that the animals have. Some people appreciate the caring, loving, and gentleness of cats. Other people like the playfulness, loyalty, and ability to protect a house in dogs. A goose is an animal that people overlook as a pet, but it turns out that a goose has good qualities of both cats and dogs. Geese make loyal pets as well, as they will stay around and guard a home even. A goose may make an unusual pet to some people but others may like that unique factor. Although a generic pet cat or dog makes a good pet, a goose makes a good, lifelong pet as well, with the right conditions that is.
Geese make a good “guard dog” or just overall good yard keeping animal. A goose’s diet
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They are all about loyalty to their spouses, goslings, and even owners if treated correctly. They can live up to twenty years and be with the same spouse that entire time, producing up to a hundred eggs each year. If an owner wants an animal to guard their home, but doesn’t want the risk of hurting an intruder, or even just a friend or neighbor, a goose is the way to go. They are more easily maintained than dogs or cats, in that they just eat grass and they can fend for themselves if there is a few of them put together. Two pairs of geese can live in a space that is just six feet by four feet, which is convenient on spacing and maintaining. These factors all combining into the aspect of being a good pet or not, surely have proved the point that a goose is a great pet. Although it is a different pet compared the generic cat or dog, it has great qualities of both, plus even more animals. A goose may need effort put in to make it a great pet, but it will be well worth it in the
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