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5 Tricks to Make your Unhappy Marriage Fun Again
Falling in love and getting married is easy, but keeping your marriage happy is a whole different matter. If you’ve hit a rough patch and feel that you are stuck in an unhappy marriage, this article will show you 5 easy tricks to turn your relationship around and make your marriage fun again. 1) Put the passion back in your relationship
One of the biggest mistakes that couples make after a few years of marriage is that they stop being friends and lovers. Instead, those with children slip into the exclusive roles of mom and dad.
If you are both very busy with work, looking after the children and/or the home, it can be a struggle to find time to be intimate with your partner. However, to turn
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This is a special time for you and your partner to relax, have fun and do something that you both enjoy. It might be a romantic diner at your favorite restaurant or doing an activity that you both enjoy like wine tasting.
By actively working at reconnecting with your spouse you will strengthen your marital bond and also have a healthier and happier marriage.
3) Learn to listen to your partner and improve communication
Good communication is key to a marriage. Often, the roots of many arguments between spouses stem from misunderstandings. If you learn to listen, it will give you a better chance to respond to your partner in an effective manner. This might be a hard thing to do when you are angry or hurt, but if you love your spouse and truly want to turn your marriage around, then you must give him or her time to speak and listen to what they have to say in return.Try to contain your anger

People do and say a lot of things in anger that they often regret later. Anger is destructive and counter productive. So when arguments begin, take a deep breath and think twice before hurling a torrent of angry words towards your partner. Even better, if possible take a short walk to clear your head. By doing so, you are not walking away from the arguments, but instead diffusing the tension. When you feel calmer, you will feel in a much position to discuss the problems
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