How To Make A Patient Feel Comfortable Essay

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It is so important to make a patient feel comfortable during their visit. Explain to the patient what you're going to be doing. Let them know that this is something that the doctor has ordered and that it will be a quick and easy procedure. Make sure the patient is feeling comfortable. Talk to the patient, show them that you care about them. That always makes them feel more comfortable.

At my job every time we get a new admit the nurse and I have to do a skin assessment. What it means is that we check if the patient for any bruises or open wounds. Most of our patient are elderly people since I work at a cardio hospital. Elderly people have very sensitive skin that they complain about all the time. So before we start I ask the patient if he/ she has Sensitive skin because we will be examining your skin. This way they at least know they are going to feel a little discomfort.

The main priority is to respect the patients wishes and try to accommodate any needs they may have.
Showing empathy, using calm words, making sure patient feel as comfortable as possible.
Ensure plenty of sheets are available for dropping and who needs to be present during the examination.
Making sure the exam room door is completely closed and never let anyone enter the room unless
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When speaking to a patient about something that is happening or is on the body I would tell them that it's okay to get check-ups a couple times. I would tell the patient that it is better to know about what's going on and to keep up to date rather to not know anything. Medical Assistants job is to always make the patient feel as comfortable as you can don't ever make them feel like their much different or that whatever they're going through is something to be ashamed about. I would make sure to remind them again that everything is fine and things will get
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