Benefits Of Unhealthy Snacks Essay

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Smart snacking snacks

When it comes to snacks, you have some important choices to make. The unhealthy snack options contain additional calories and do not give you much support for your well-being. Instead clever snacks offer benefits that can help reduce your waistline.

Sweets, chips, and other junk foods are a major source of empty calories. By empty, we mean these foods that provide calories with excess fat and sugar, and provide very few nutrients that your body needs. Choosing empty calorie snacks can give you energy momentarily, but these foods are likely to leave you feeling unsatisfied and low energy a little later.

Getting used to choosing empty calorie snack options can create an unhealthy habit with the accumulation
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Studies have shown that there are certain times during the day when you are more likely to choose unhealthy snacks. Being aware of these "tempting moments" and following these tips will help you stay strong in your decision to eat healthily

1. Eat breakfast to avoid overeating.
You may think that saving you breakfast calories is good, however, studies show that you are likely to later eat even more. Besides breakfast, it is important what you have breakfast. An NPD Group survey found that half of the 10 favorite foods for breakfast lack protein, an important nutrient to keep you satisfied and keep your next meal from being overeat. Studies have shown that a breakfast rich in protein (20 to 40 grams) leads to a decrease in the feeling of hunger and to consume less food (and therefore calories) in food and dinner. Instead of choosing popular, commonly low-protein breakfasts such as cereal or bread, try yogurt or eggs. Isa Shake shakes are another option to include protein in your breakfast since they provide 16 grams of quality protein to keep you satisfied.

2. Choose nutrient-rich

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