How To Make Difficult Choices In The Odyssey

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Choices have to be made, and some of them can affect the rest of your life forever, Odysseus from The Odyssey shows us this by going on a perilous quest to get back home from the Trojan War with all of his men. He ends up at home with all of his crewmates dead, he had to make decisions for his crew, which may not have been the right decisions, but in the heat of the moment, there was only one clear choice for him. You go through tough things every day, which might not be life threatening, but they affect the rest of your life. You have to have the courage to get through every day and all the hard choices. You have to learn how your actions will influence you throughout the rest of your life. Some days you have to make difficult choices…show more content…
Odysseus knew that the journey home was going to be dangerous from the moment that Poseidon's son, Polyphemus, cursed him and his ship and doomed him to have many toils and snares along his way home. Despite the fact that he knew this, he had the courage to keep going because he wanted to beat the odds and make it home. His vision of home made him keep going all the way. You have to have the courage every day to get out of bed and do something with your day because that's the only way you're ever going to get anywhere in life. You have to learn how your actions will influence you throughout the rest of your life. Odysseus soon learned that his actions and decisions were going to decide his fate so instead of making his decisions alone he asks for help and guidance from people. We have to learn to do this too, sometimes it's okay to admit that you don’t know what you're doing and you need some help with making a difficult decision. Overall the story of Odysseus in The Odyssey taught us a lot of things and morals to live by. Some choices might be tough, but you can ask for help, and as long as you have the courage, you’ll hit home
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