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For makeup artists and enthusiasts, brushes are one of the most important tool when it comes to makeup. It is used for blending those eyeshadows, blushes and even highlights. Brushes have such a major role when it comes to makeup application that it is almost impossible for a person who wears makeup, not to have even just one brush. There are tons of kinds of brushes for different uses. Some of them are even very expensive but do you know how to take care of them? Are you storing them properly? Are you even cleaning them very often? If you need some tips for that, you are definitely in the right place. STORING YOUR BRUSHES Most of the brushes people use for makeup, are often made of hair that is why they tend to be very expensive. High…show more content…
But if you buy brushes by piece so it doesn't normally go with a roll-up bag. That would totally save you money, just make sure your brushes are clean when you put them back into the roll-up bag to keep it away from all the bacteria that could go into your face the next time you actually use it. You should also keep the brushes you use for liquid makeup away from the brushes you use with the powdered ones.You can get one at any beauty supply store, cosmetic counters or even drugstores. This way, you can simply store your brush in separate compartment and their hair wouldn't be out of…show more content…
Keep in mind that you must only clean the brush bristles itself and not the metal part because the glue on it might come off if it gets wet. Another thing is that you need to use lukewarm water but NOT hot water since it will definitely damage your bristles. Next thing should do is to fill a bowl with water and mix some mild soap or shampoo on it then dip your brush while twisting it to make sure the bristles get clean. Rinse if off with some clean water and pat them with a towel and let them dry. However, don't use any blow dryer or hair straightener to dry your brush because too much heat will ruin

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