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How to make Pumpkin Pie Do you love the fall, and all the aesthetic emotions it brings? The food, the smells, and the weather, all coincide to produce one of the best times of the year. Why not have the best dessert of the season with the famous pumpkin pie? If you want a tasty and relatively quick dish to make for the holidays this fall then pumpkin pie is your answer. Starting your recipe is a various list of ingredients and equipment you will need to perfect the very tall task of making the pie. First off, this recipe requires time. In total, it will take around one hour and thirty minutes, including the thirty-minute prep time. The recipe will serve around eight people comfortably. A few tips before we get started. You can make the filling a day in advanced to bring out extra flavor in the pie, but it is not necessary. Make sure you are precise with your oven usage, because if not the pie is very delicate and can be difficult to fix once you mess up, so take precaution when using the oven. Lastly you need to be patient as in any new recipe, everything takes time. So, to begin the cooking and preparatory process, you will need: a large mixing bowl, whisks, a large measuring cup, at least a nine-inch pan that is one and a half inches deep, an…show more content…
Be looking around this time for the filling to be around 1 and half inches from the edge pf the pie crust. The center of the pie should be a little shaky, with the consistency of jello. Finally, you will remove the pie from the oven, and place onto a cooling rack. Throughout this time the center of the pie will continue to cook. The pie should sit for a decent amount of time, it really depends on your pie, as most are hard to tell when it has cooled enough. Use your best judgement to determine if the pie is ready to serve. It should be a darkish orange color, and really give a pumpkin smell that fills the

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