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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster
By Monique
It is no surprise that there is no shortcut to getting those long luscious locks. On average you hair will grow about 6 inches over a year. That works out to about a half an inch per month. Three main factors to hair growth are genetics, your health-mental and physical, and as well your hair care habits.
There isn’t much you can do about genetics, but you can promote hair growth by looking at your health, reducing stressing and maintaining a balanced diet, and having good hair care habits. You can supplement these by either ingesting vitamin rich herbs, or use them for topical application to the scalp and hair.

10 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster:

A Healthy Diet Breed Healthy Hair
You are what
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This will then stimulate and wake any “sleeping” hair follicles. You can use the scalp massage when you do your once a week deep conditioning.
1. Prepare the hot oil and distribute it evenly on your hair
2. Use circular movements to rub the oil all over your scalp. This should be for 3-5 minutes.
3. You can now rinse it out Flip Your Hair Up And Down
This is a highly popular trick to help you have faster hair growth especially when used with regular scalp massages. It entails flipping your head over daily for 2- 5 minutes. It is supposed to help improve circulation.
Stay stress-free
Your mental health is a factor in your hair growth. Stress can have a huge affect on your hair. According to some studies stress messes with your hair’s normal cycle. It causes your hair to go into the telogen/fall our phase. So, less stress means faster hair growth.
Meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques are means of managing stress. Do not forget the importance of a good night’s rest.
Mask Your Hair In Egg
Eggs are chockfull of proteins, iron, phosphorus, Sulphur, selenium and zinc. Therefore, eggs should be one of your most important tools for faster hair growth. Once a month you can make an egg mask to so your hair can grow

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