How To Mount Everest Persuasive Essay

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I believe most people know that climbing Mount Everest needs such a huge bravery, but those people who are trying to climb this world’s highest mountain need to consider about safety more than achievements. As most people knew, there are a lot of people are still trying to attempt to climb Mount Everest, but the results are unexpected, it can either be good or bad; they might got to the top of the mountain and celebrating, then they will just get back to their camp and enjoy their foods and more, or these people might died while attempting to climb Mount Everest, include those people who have families and friends. Which is the adventure of Mount Everest might needs people to risk their life. First of all, the environment on Mount Everest is…show more content…
Their family will not just look away from it and denying the fact, they will be extremely sad about their lost, they might even committing suicide. How about those challengers have children in their family? Just because they want to know how it feels like on summit of Mount Everest, they can’t just sacrifice everything. These challengers are lost, they can’t find the right direction, they didn’t reconsider for their children, for their future. If these people died on Mount Everest, who will going to have responsible for their children? These kids can either sent to orphanage or something worse could happen. In life, people need to know how to choose, they need to know which one is more worth it; risking life on Mount Everest, or just having fun with tourists and make some good experiences in your life, there are some big differences. Therefore, depends on people’s decisions, climbing to summit of Mount Everest is definitely not worth it. I will rather climb it as a tourism, or I will just climb some regular mountains with group as an exercise. Always think twice, keep myself healthy and strong, never risk my life. I’m sure that these are much worth it than yelling on top of Mount
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