How To Nelson Mandela's Awareness?

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background In 2004, Nelson Mandela in his speech that he made in parliament after 10 years of being sworn in as the first elected democratic President of South Africa, he pleaded with all South Africans never to forget their past, but to use it as a guide in overcoming the challenges still facing the country. He mentioned that all South Africans must do good and belief in one another. He urged us to use our memory to remember how far we as South Africans have become and to how much we have actually achieved. I totally agree with his statement because all the injustices, sufferings and pain that some people have gone through should be used to celebrate the freedom that we have all gained and demonstrate the capacity of human beings in progress, to move forward, to become better human beings and to improve as well. Dwelling in the past can only cause us pain if we are not willing to forgive one another, not forgetting that in order to move forward we must learn to trust one another and be prepared to believe in in other people’s goodness. 1.2 Problem Statement How can South Africans transform the anger that they have towards one another into forgivess and trust towards one another? 1.3 Hypothesis It is very important that we all acknowledge what happened in the past, realize that it was wrong, and through dialogue learn from it, and in the process learn to trust one another. 2. Argument Jansen thinks that we are a sick country because of the

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