How To Normalize Nazi Ideology

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Hitler controlled every aspect of the lives of people in Nazi Germany. He controlled their jobs, their home life and their children. In school, children were taught the importance of racial purity, both directly and indirectly. Children were directly taught Hitler’s ideologies in subjects such as history and literature. But Hitler also used indirect tactics to expose children to his ideologies. In math classes, children were given word problems in math class that also illustrated Hitler’s ideologies. “Various calculations place the cost to the state of a mentally ill patient at 1500 Reich Marks per year. (To educate) a remedial student costs 300 Reich marks, an elementary school student 100 Reich marks and middle and high school students about 250 Reich Marks each. Restate this problem by calculating other possible alternatives. Careful estimates place the number of mentally ill patients, epileptics and others in (German) institutions at 300,000 persons. What is the total yearly cost of this at four Reich marks per person per day? Disregarding repayment how many new Marriage Grant loans at 1000 marks each could this sum provide?” Children are given these disturbing math problems to normalize the Nazi ideologies. If they are taught these ideologies in this manner and are exposed to them earlier,…show more content…
Ein Lesebuch für die deutsche Jugend is a book given out to school children as a textbook intended as a brief history of the Nazi party. It only contains the outline and the table of contents, but it is very clear the amount of propaganda within the book. It is very evident within even the forward of the book that begins with the quote “Forward: This book owes its origins to the Führer.” And the forward ending with the quote “In the following pages, I attempt to meet this need. May the book urge German boys and girls to do their duty, to increase their fanatic faith in their people, their nation and the Führer, whose heirs they will be”
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