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We are back with yet another blog on “How to Organise?” In our last article we showed you simple steps on how you can organise your bathroom. This week we are guiding you on how to arrange kitchen. Kitchen is a place where love cooks food and fatigue makes that love painful. In order to make that love last longer kitchens must be arranged in a way so that it can serve your needs as smoothly and effectively as possible. If you invest the right amount of time and energy into decluttering and organising your kitchen, it will pay off in happiness for the times to come. So these are the 9 simple steps on “How to organise your kitchen” that will give a clean kitchen in no time: 1. GET RID OF THINGS YOU DO NOT USE: Be honest! When did you last use that melon…show more content…
LAZY SUSANS / TABLETOP TRAYS: These trays are usually accustomed to hold things like oils, vinegars and completely different preparation ingredients, furthermore vitamins or medications, spices, or even fruits and desserts on your dining table. This change from normal to such trays will bring class and more space to your messy kitchen. 8. USE BINS BOXES AND POUCHES: Consider stashing measurement cups for sugar, flour etc within the containers. Keep pouches of dry soup mixes, seasonings, etc. in tiny bins or baskets. To keep them neat & tidy in one place. 9. CLEAR AND CLEAN When you clear one drawer or shelf, wipe out the surface before replacing the contents. Do this one at a time. The task gets easy this way and it is also easier to manage the waste. FINAL TIPS • Items that may get spoiled due to heat and moisture keep them away from the stove. Items such as spices or plastic containers. • Try sorting utensils according to their sizes. Keeping the small and the large separated will help you speed up your search for the correct utensil. • No organizational system is set in stone. You can always change few steps according to your requirement, keep experimenting and adopt the method which is best for your

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