Becoming Economic Problems

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American is facing many issues like racial discrimination, terrorism, immigrants, poverty; unemployment etc. We all know that ignorance of main problems can cause a great lose of any one; so these problems should be solved by using different steps and policies. Although different policies and steps have already been taken by the present government to over these issues but different facts show that the steps taken by the government are insufficient to overcome these issues and problems. In order to increase economical growth of the country and overall growth of the country, there is a need of planning to solve these issues. According to my point of view, poverty, racial discrimination and unemployment are the main problems of United States.…show more content…
I have selected this problem because many previous governments have ignored this problem and due to this ignorance this problem is getting worse day by day. I also have selected this issue base on a fact that 15.79% is the poverty rate of America which is the highest among all the developed countries. It means that poverty rate is highest in United States than all other developed countries. This problem has both social and economical concerns. This problem is also creating some other problems in American such as increase crime rate is also because of poverty. There is millions of American who cannot afford to get basic necessities of life. Another important point is that because of ignorance of government for this issue, the poverty rate will continue to increase. So based on these facts; I have selected the issue of poverty to solve. Below are the steps that I will take to solve the problem of poverty:  I will promote the policies which will be helpful to create more jobs.  I will focus on the policies to increase the minimum…show more content…
This means that there is a need to change in policies for overcoming this issue. Below are the steps of my plan which I will apply to solve the problem of unemployment.  Development of programs that will make sure increase in new jobs.  Developmental programs for enhancement of small scale labor industries.  Arranged advancement by quick industrialization, expelling the insufficiency of interest, balancing out the rate of local speculation and customer interest can battle the issue of unemployment.  Development of policies that will create a direct link between education and employment.  Steps to decrease the rural migration.  Creating more jobs in rural areas by means of promoting intensive farming
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