How To Play Golf Essay

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As you drive on highway twenty heading east and you look to your left you see beautiful Fidalgo Bay and Mt. Baker overlooking Anacortes, then to your right is Swinomish Golf Course where Boys Golf resides. Sophomore Kalieb Jones wanted to try something new instead of regularly leaning to Track and Field, he decided to join Boys Golf. Kalieb enjoys that the sport doesn’t take too much physical strain and that it keeps him busy. Kalieb reflects on what it takes for the game to run smoothly ‘‘It doesn 't matter if you can hit the ball far, just how you get the ball in the hole with the fewest hits.” As many of the players learn there are a lot of fundamentals to the game.
Zane Wentzell has been playing golf for nine years, as a sophomore this is his first year playing on a team. Zane says “I think it’s great that when you go out there and play you get to experience what people usually toss aside as ‘you know it 's not a sport and you really get to see first hand that it 's a mental game and it does require a lot of skill more so than people give it credit for.’’
The variety of people is really interesting to Zane, and to him he feels he is able to
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Senior John Mackinnon has been playing golf since his freshman year and has enjoyed what the sport offers for a team bond, and that between the players there is no competition. On March 6th John and Jake Jensen were playing hole in 14 when all of a sudden they heard ‘help, help’ from a distance. John says “At first we thought it was just one of the other guys playing around.’’ The boys had found George Howard stuck in a blackberry bush after he had jumped over a ditch to retrieve the ball. George had been stuck for seven to eight hours, after the boys found him Jake stayed at George’s side while John called the ambulance and got help. John says “ You really have to be prepared for anything.” John recommends trying out golf, he says ‘’even if you haven’t had any experience, the coaches are great, and you can have a lot of
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