Dog Loyalty Training

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How To Potty Train A Dog: The Right ProcedureDo not worry…since when it comes to how to potty train a dog, the saying “you can’t teach your dog new tricks” does not apply. You are lucky, if you have adopted a new dog that has already been potty trained. One major mistake that some dog owners make when initiating the dog potty training procedure is, jumping to the potty training step right away without allowing their dogs to go through other essential steps or training first.Stop Dog Accidents Forever

Your dog needs to go through the shaping phase or training first. It is a process that will teach your dog to think or solve problems on his/her own. Once you are able to do this, I guarantee the rest will be a piece of cake. Here are some steps on how to potty train a dog:#
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If ever you plan to leave, you can put your dog in the crate yet make sure he/she has food and water in there. You may encounter a few accidents but you can always take him outside to continue performing the deed or eliminations. In time, your dog will learn and you will trust him/her even though he is not inside his crate.#4Be sensitive to the signals or signs your dog is showing. Your dog will usually perform some pacing to help you know that he/she has to go. Other common signals or signs include moving in a circle, crouching, and sniffing the ground.#5Praise and reward your dog whenever your dog performs or do what he/she should. This stage is actually the main ingredient in how to potty train a dog. After going to the bathroom, immediately provide your dog with praises as well as with dog training treats. However, you need to reduce the treats after a month since there is a huge chance he/she will perform minor or forced eliminations just to get the treats. A praise for a job well done will be enough reward or
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