How To Prevent Air And Water Pollution Essay

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Air and water pollution should be taken seriously it can hurt the environment in many different ways it can cause our drinking water and our breathing air to be contaminated and also kill plants , animal, and humans and can cause sickness or death. Air and water pollution has been going on for centuries. It all started by people Littering , Car and train pollution, Factories and Plantation pollution, Chemical and Oil spills. The most harmful pollution that is hurting most of mankind is people pouring highly toxic chemicals down the drain which can cause infection , an can cause sea water creatures to mutate which can cause sickness to your lungs and heart or maybe cause death. Inhaling pollution can make you have asthma and diseases. If you have experienced any of these actions that has taken place in your environment this information given from the text will tell you about the symptoms and how to prevent air and water pollution from happening in your environment and a key healthy life. Most people that has been exposed to high levels of air and water pollution will have symptoms and diseases or side affects d such as headache, vomiting ,short of breath, and illness. Air and water pollution can be dangerous when tiny…show more content…
Mosquitoes can also carry some of the air and water pollution which could lead to Dengue haemorrhagic fever this fever is very serve it can cause deadly outbreaks to people but kids are the main victims of disease. Air and water pollution can also get into your it fresh water being contaminated and having DDE or (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene) in its most foods in the United States. We can prevent air and water pollution from affect our foods you must wash fruits and vegetables of any kind and avoid seafood or fish like substance such as tuna steak, and marlin and sea bass and can increase your mercury levels. Air and water pollution can cause wheezing, premature birth, coughing, strokes, heart attacks and irregular

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