How to Prevent Climate Change

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As our world is rapidly changing and life standards are getting higher, the entire mankind is now struggling to deal with a series of global issues. One of them is the global warming which is doing more harm to human life than imagined. As a matter of fact, climate change is so intensely concerning that governments from a wide range of countries have devoted to coping with it throughout many conventions and formulas. While some may argue that climate change is based on false and unreliable sources with an aim to turning our lives upside down. Nevertheless, to my mind, climate change or global warming is a serious threat to our habitat and we must all take action to prevent the worst scenario from becoming a reality. [good intro]
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As a result, solutions have to be put in place to halt the incoming tides of unexpected events caused by global warming, climate change. One of the best way to deal with this is reducing the carbon emission by using cutting the use of private means of transportation and using public transports instead. Furthermore, covering the Earth with the green of trees, plants is another option since it helps provide more oxygen, fresh air, effectively tackling the greenhouse effect.
However, the most productive solution is to creating more international commitments between nations to cope with this issue as well as help raise people’s awareness. Besides, we need to have more programs on TV with deep analysis on the current situation and what we can expect from the future facing the climate change. Above all, creating commitments and cooperation between international governments is undeniably the best solution since the problem can be resolved much easier together.
Climate change has become a life-threatening issue all across the world. A wide range of natural catastrophes have occurred due to the overwhelming influence of global warming. However, being able to come up with fantastic solutions mentioned above is a key to prevent the worst from happening. Personally speaking, the future of human beings depends enormously on our decisions and how well we take action against global warming
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