Argument Against Gun Control

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Gun control has been a national issue for decades, if not centuries. The founding fathers created the Second Amendment that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This amendment was passed as part of the Bill of Rights and simply recognizing something that has existed or will continue to exist in the future. It was also another check on the government, if the people had no weapons to rebel against them, the government can oppress them easily and would make it easier for the government to assemble militia in a time of war. This Second Amendment doesn’t also mean that the people can’t have some measure of control in these extremely dangerous weapons. Gun violence had increased over the past few years. Studies published in Everytown…show more content…
For example, seventeen students lost their lives and many were injured in a school shooting that happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida during valentines day. This event is the recent controversial issue that caused many people to debate and protest more about gun control. The suspect Nikolas Cruz was a high school student who goes to the same high school where the shooting happened. He is apparently suffering from a mental health issue. The family that took him in after his adoptive mother died last November said that they knew he was lonely, depressed and a bit odd but saw no warning signs of a coming massacre (Levenson). They allowed Cruz to bring his firearms into the home, and they made him buy a locking gun safe thinking that it was secure because the family had the only key to the safe, but later on after the shooting, the family realized Cruz kept one for himself (Levenson). The family did try to help him but evidently, they haven’t helped him hard enough to be aware of what was going on in his life. Millions of young adults like Cruz are suffering from bullying, depression, anxiety, mental illness, and lack of social issues. A great number of young adults especially high school students can realize the unrealistic expectations that are set high upon themselves within this society. Sometimes they reach the point where

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