How To Prevent Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes, ever to hit the United States. There were extraordinary problems to deal with, and it was difficult to solve. Many things were lost, damaged, and washed away in the water. People had to fight through the flood to survive. However, New Orleans stuck together and had to be strong all the way. Some even went back to their homes and saw how damaged they were. All their memories and treasures were gone.
The graph of Hurricane Katrina

How it happened The wind is so strong, it blew a roof off. The trees are bending!
To begin, this is what happened. On August 23, 2005 storm clouds started to form in the early morning of the Gulf Coast. The sky went grey. But then the wind
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Katrina flooded the power. Without power, nobody would have access to the internet or lights. New Orleans has been hit with a hurricane 6 times. Katrina caused $108 billion in damage. At the time, 80% of the city had been evacuated (covered with water). Some of the city was under 20 feet of water. Thousands of people choose to stay out in the storm than to stay in the shelter. More than 1,800 people died during this tragedy. Some people got trapped in, and had to wait to be saved. However, nurses had to stay in the hospital to care for their patients. They couldn’t leave, they just had to pray out the storm. Not just that, the flood brought mosquitos. Mosquitos lay eggs in water. The water was also not safe. Angela survived the hurricane Katrina. She said that, “If there was one word she could describe the storm it would be
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