Insomnia Research Paper

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How to Prevent Insomnia

An estimated 90% of people experience periods of insomnia throughout diverse phases of their lives. Insomnia is an extensive sleep disorder that prevents people from sleeping regularly. This particular sleep disorder is basically a response to either two questions: “Do you experience difficulty sleeping?” or “Do you have trouble staying asleep?” Some indications of insomnia are waking up too early, feeling tired upon waking up and waking up during the night then struggling to fall back asleep. Many mental or physical problems may cause insomnia. Prevention of insomnia is rather very simple with the right techniques.

First, people suffering from insomnia have to find out the key reason of their insomnia. Many problems
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The bedroom should be a place for sleep and sleep only. Eliminate talking on the phone, watching TV, working or even studying in the bedroom. A person with insomnia should spend a limited amount of time in the bedroom during the day so that way the levels of worrying about sleeping will eventually decrease when nighttime comes. A bedroom should also be very comforting and calm in order to help the body fall asleep. The color of the bedroom, the sheets of the bed and even the pillows affect sleep. Many people think those aspects of the bedroom don’t make an effect on the overall atmosphere of the room. An article on the Huffington Post suggests that there are some colors to help promote sleep. In the article “Want a Good Night’s Sleep” on the DailyMail (2013) suggests that the color blue helps the brain calm down, slows down heart rate and even reduces blood pressure. On the other hand purple, red and orange do not promote sleep, a study suggests. Also, the pillows where the head rests should be comfortable. One should always know their preference when it comes to pillows, some people prefer cotton pillows while others prefer feather. The quantity of the pillows matters too. It merely depends on the person. In addition, people have found that certain scents can help calm a person down. For example, lavender helps promote a soothing environment.

In conclusion, the prevention of insomnia is quite easy with the right procedures. Although, the treating of insomnia can be difficult, it is not impossible. In order for the prevention to occur the main reason behind insomnia should be discovered. Reducing stress, exercise and creating a calm atmosphere are all things one can do to avert

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