How To Prevent Our Constitution

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For thousands of years we have been fighting for our freedom in our nation and trying to make it “A more perfect union.”In the summer of 1787, 55 delegates met up in Philadelphia for a Constitutional Convention. These men had to make a new and improved constitution because they said the Articles of Confederation wasn’t working. They wanted a new constitution that would have a stronger central government that would hold our country together, but they feared that a new frame of tyranny would occur. How did the 55 delegates writing the constitution prevent our nation including the people that are in it, from committing tyranny or from tyranny itself?James Madison once said, “The accumulation of all powers… in the same hands, whether of one, or…show more content…
According to James Madison, Federalist Paper #51, he stated that “in the compound republic of America , the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments [state and federal]...” The federal government has more power than the state government but both governments communicate with each other so we can have a more peaceful country. According to several sources the central government has some power that the state government doesn’t like regulating trade, conducting foreign relations, providing an army and navy, declaring war, print and coin money, setting up post offices, and making immigration laws. Those several sources also said the state government actually has powers that the central government doesn’t, for example; setting up local governments, holding elections, establishing schools,passing marriage and divorce laws, and regulating in-state businesses. Even though both governments have more power than the other they all share some power: tax, borrowing money, setting up courts, making laws, and enforcing laws. Our founding fathers put power into two places not just one to help guard us from
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