How To Prevent Railroad Crossing Essay

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There are many things, tips, and tricks that you can, and I suggest that you do, in order to insure that you are safe and as safe as you can possible be when you run into a railroad crossing while you are driving on a road or freeway or wherever you may be at that time. If you know all these tricks to railroad crossing it will help you so much and you will never have a problem with railroad crossings. First off you need to expect a train on track at any time. If you are prepared for a train to be coming, then you would be more ready to stop, slow down, or any other thing that you may possibly need to do in order to stay safe, and avoid a potential car accident situation. Another thing you need to do is not get stuck on the railroad crossing.…show more content…
Something that you should always know is to not race the trains. People should always watch for vehicles that must stop at railroad crossings. You should never Misjudge the speed of a train coming. At nights you need be really really really careful around railroad crossings. If it stalls Railroad crossing can be really dangerous to a lot of people that don’t know much about it and where you should stop. Every person should know how many feet they need to stop before a railroad crossing. Some railroad crossing don’t have the bars that go down and the lights that flash so you should stop and look both way to make sure a train isn’t coming then proceed with caution. If you get stuck on a train track in your car you need to get everyone out of the car and get out of they way. Don’t try and and move your car out of they way you won’t have time. I feel like a lot of people that drive in utah and other places with railroad tracks don’t know the number of feet that they have to stop before the railroad. You need to stop within 50 feet before a railroad crossing and not less than 15 feet so you aren’t to close or to far from the railroad crossing. When you see the railroad crossing sign you need to see if the lights are on and if the

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