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Although our sun is a major light, and heat source, which allows us to live in our universe, the sun can cause and do some serious damages to us human beings and other living things on our planet. The suns EMR can cause small amounts of damage such as a tiny sunburn to greater damages such as cancer. The most common damage EMR gives to human beings is sunburn, but this damage is quite easy to prevent and if not too bad the pain or damage can easily be taken away, for example the solution to prevent sunburn is sunscreen. Sunburn can range from different levels of pain and damage. The least harmful burn is a mild burn that causes your skin to go red and sting which will disappear after a few hours. A worse level of sunburn that causes your skin to blister, swell, into a scarlet color that peels before it heals. A severe sunburn can cause higher levels of damage which causes dizziness, chills, fever and weakness. If skin is exposed to sun for a long time and this is repeated, it can cause premature aging and skin cancer. The seriousness of the damage on skin depends on how long someone has been in the sun and the intensity of the…show more content…
The main benefit of sunscreen is to prevent sunburn which can weaken your skin, making your skin more vulnerable to bruises. Also sunburn causes peeling, swelling, redness, hives, and itching. It protects peoples skin from the harmful UV rays that the sun produces. Sunscreen prevents the premature aging of skin because it prevents skin from producing more wrinkles and fine lines. It has been proven that people under 55 years who used sunscreen had 24% less chances to gain aging signs than non-sunscreen users. Another benefit of wearing sunscreen is it can protect people from skin cancers, including the worst type melanoma which can be life threatening. Sunscreen now a days comes in a double product of a lotion or cream too and it also protects skin proteins such as collagen, keratin, and elastin

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