How To Prevent Teen Suicide Essay

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Every year, many children do not die from illness, killed by guns, and a car accident, but they die by their own hands. Suicide urges are found to be highly widespread among teenagers. Teenage suicide is escalating out of control and no one realizes how deep the problem is. Suicide rates have increased in recent decade, but society doesn 't recognize the depth of this problem. Suicide has not only destroyed individual lives and threatened family stability, also it causes massive socio-economic damage to society and damages mental and physical damage to community members. Thus, they must recognize the seriousness of the problem and understand suicide a little by investigating how to prevent it.
Suicide is the act of taking one 's
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The biggest dangers of teen suicide include the presence of mood disorders, the use of materials, and previous attempts. Although women have suggested committing suicide more often, but boys die from it. It is normal to be humorous as when you are a teenager, and, in many cases, suicide appears to be the result of a rash and abrupt decision. If you ask your child for specific ideas, feelings, and plans about suicide, there is subtle, and unintelligible situations. If your teenager is clinically depressed, takes medication, or suffers from another mental disorder, the likelihood of a suicide or a suicide attempt…show more content…
Admit the symptoms and become familiar with suicidal thoughts and come up with the best solution to stop teen suicides. people need to act immediately to prevent teen suicides. A teenager with knowledge about suicide can help a suicide teenager and let the world know that there are people who take care of him or her. It is important for the teen years to recognize the importance of acting quickly to stop their colleagues from committing suicide. Friends or family members can benefit from a teenager who is thinking about suicide, who has a lot of information about how to handle it with friends

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