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For centuries, humans have hunted numerous whale species for their meat, oil, and baleen. Due to the technological advances made in the 18th and 19th century, whaling became increasingly more popular. By the 1930s, over 50,000 whales were being killed every year, and many species (such as the sperm whale) were almost hunted to extinction. Now that these species are finally making a comeback, it is pivotal that we as a society, who wants to keep our whales, make sure that we never allow whaling to get as out of hand as it was in the past. Today, whaling is still a threat, and the International Whaling Commission tries to regulate all whales killed, but there is still a lot happening under the radar. Countries such as Japan and Iceland are illegally killing hundreds of whales a year. There is still much to be learned about these beautiful creatures, but one thing is for sure: whaling without regulation will result in the extinction of many whale species. Whales are one of the most mysterious creatures in the ocean and it is sad to think of a world without them.
Before we decide that whaling is completely evil and should be stopped immediately, one must remember that aboriginal
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The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is the creation of the great public demand for protection of the beloved whale species that were most at risk of whaling. Despite this Japan still hunts in it illegally. Thankfully, the days of whaling are definitely numbered due to the public seeing commercial whaling for what it is: unnecessary and cruel. Most people do not consume whale meat and believe it is a practice that is long since outdated and whale hunting should stay in the pages of Moby Dick. It is because of people like this who have helped save fin, minke, and sperm whales from extinction and will help ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy seeing these grandiose creatures alive and

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