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Sabah is one of the states in East Malaysia that is a stakeholder to wildlife. When it comes to wildlife need I proudly say that about two thirds of Malaysia is covered in rain forest and the largest bed lies in Sabah. To quote… the lowland rain forest supports approximately 10,000 plant species, 380 bird species and several mammal species. The many diverse species of animals in Sabah, heralds a symphony of sounds in the forest which vary from day to night as different combinations of these birds and animals are given the right to roam and feed freely. Having this heritage in our own back yard, I am deeply concerned and am of the opinion that it is my profound duty to help endangered wildlife in Sabah. Firstly, wild life is facing extinction because of rampant deforestation. Numerous habitats are destroyed daily causing wildlife to be orphaned or killed. In states like Tawau, Sandakan and Lahad Datu, the forest is cleared to make way for oil palm cultivation. I agree that the economic reserves of the country need to be doubled, but, not by abusing the land indiscriminately. By taking away their home, the rights of these animals are violated.…show more content…
In Sabah, most of the villages are surrounded by forests with diverse species of animals roaming around. The villagers might not be aware that one of the animals that they hunt as food or orphaned venture into the village. So, what these villagers do is to keep them as pets. They are illiterate and do not know that it is an offence to breed these animals. There is the urgent need to educate them and I can help raise awareness by telling my village headman who will then spread the ‘gospel’ truth about harboring wildlife in their back yard. Help can also be obtained from the Sabah Wild Life Society should my voice be too soft to be heard. Additionally informing my friends to educate their villages will save an orang utan or a pangolin or

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