How To Read Literature

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I often find that young students are ignorant to the fine classics that came before them. They find them antiquated and without a second thought, write off any merits these fine works may have. I personally love classical literature. I have struggled with the thought of becoming a teacher, but I feel apprehension at the thought of having to speak to a slew of apathetic teenagers is terrifying. I would want to share my excitement of these old works with the students. I would want them to actually get excited about literature rather than dread having to read it. Various selections within this course have been captivating and could really show the young students that literature does not have to be boring or difficult. Literature can actually be entertaining and enlightening. The first example of a stand-out work form this…show more content…
It tells the tale of a power hungry man who makes a deal with the devil to grant him powers beyond his wildest dream for the measly price of his soul. Comparing the two tales, star crossed teenage lover or a deal with the devil, I would wager to say that most students would be more interested in Doctor Faustus than Romeo and Juliet. Doctor Faustusis more accessible to the average student audience. The plot moves at a steady pace that makes the read feel fulfilling. The play also yields many interesting themes and discussions upon closer investigation. Students have the opportunity to question the idea of repentance and the idea of consequences for actions. Doctor Faustus also illustrates the literal manifestations of sin. The realm of possibility talking about how each sin applies to Faustus could be captivating to students. High School students by and large wish to be treated in a more mature way. They are closer to adulthood and feel they should be treated in such a way. The more mature themes within Doctor Faustus would challenge them and force the students to think and act in a more mature
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