How To Read Literature Like A Professor Literary Analysis

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor is a book that shows numerous ways and strategies to understand what their reading. Each chapter shows examples from books and use of literary devices that can help develop the meaning of the story. Think of this book as reading between the lines. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald used people to symbolize objects or things to let the reader have an interpretation on the characters. For example, the green light represents Gatsby's future for him and Daisy to be together. The green light is the most important symbol of the book because it has a meaning for many things. It also was interpreting the American Dream and money. Gatsby lived a poor life when he was younger and being in his situation now made him want to impress business and famous people, even Daisy. The first technique is used in chapter 10: Is That A Symbol? called allegories. Allegories are stories that reveal a hidden meaning. ¨Things stand for other things on a one-for-one basis (Foster 98).¨ The next technique that was used as plot device. Weather never means weather. Weather is used as a plot device and add a meaning to…show more content…
¨We in the audience can see the implication that eludes them (this is where our expectations concerning roads enter the equation), so much so that we may want to scream at them to walk them to walk up the road to a new life (Foster 236).¨ We didn't expect Tom to cheat on his wife, Daisy after he so called claimed he loved her. But what is really ironic, during the end of the book, Tom goes to Wilson's garage to get some gas for the car. Wilson explains to Tom how he thinks his wife Myrtle is having an affair but does not know who it is. As Daisy was driving, she accidentally killed Myrtle and it is insane because Daisy did not know Tom was cheating on her with Myrtle as well. It shows how dishonest and cruel people be. Also, when Gatsby passed many of his friends did
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