How To Reduce Gun Control

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Gun control has been a hot topic in the United States for the last several years. With murder counts going up, accidental killings, and mass shootings, it seems that guns have been the enemy lately. With a country divided, it seems we’ll finally come to a conclusion on what we’ll do with guns. Some think we should increase gun control, or even get rid of guns all together. The other side thinks we should leave it how it is, or even reduce gun control. In this paper, i’ll be discussing my own opinion on the nationwide debate, which is to meet in the middle. Growing up a conservative republican, I obviously lean more to the side of not increasing gun control and leaving it be, but I don’t fully agree with my political party. We obviously have an issue in this country right now with mass shootings, and murders, so I do believe we should do something. Here are some facts to take into account. In 2017 alone there have been 2,073 deaths caused by guns, 3,552 injuries, 79 of those children, 34 mass shootings, which is usually defined as four or more people dying. So obviously we have an issue, those numbers are really high compared to most countries that are as developed as us. Which is why I don’t entirely lean to no gun control. Another stat I didn’t mention is defensive use, which has been put at 213. I think this number could be higher tho if we did not have gun free zones everywhere. According to the crime prevention research center, 98% of all mass shootings occur in gun
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