How To Reduce Police Brutality

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In today’s day in age, police officers are perceived as dogs. They are nowhere near being protective or obedient. Police officers set out and seek problems on the road. No matter if you are casually driving, or putting other people 's lives in danger with reckless driving. Police have no set boundaries when it comes to police protocol. Once you are pulled over for speeding, careless driving, or like in many cases when you “didn 't do anything at all”, it 's not like police officers want you to be more careful and think of others around you, they are strictly there to cause havoc in your life. In many cases, most police officers use direct force to physically hurt you once you are being arrested, no matter what the incident. Even if you do not comply with an officer or you are resisting arrest, the police are always in the wrong, it 's totally ok for you to argue back, when an officer is giving you a direct order.…show more content…
Most people complain about “ police brutality “ after being arrested, they are out to seek some form of compensation for their mistreatment from officers. They feel it is their right as a citizen to be treated like everyone else when they resist arrest. Which in their mind is they are allowed to disrespect an officer and not have any consequences placed on them. No matter the situation police procedure is to use enough force to restrain the suspect and protect themselves. People are advised to never resist arrest, the more a suspect struggles the more force is required for the police to do their
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