How To Reduce School Dress Codes

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Academic studies are extremely important and schools take many measures to prevent academics from being interrupted. To help focus more on academia, schools across the nation have implemented harsh dress codes – no leggings, yoga pants, skinny jeans, or showing shoulders. School administrators need to think about how they are coming across to the students. Is the removal of a girl wearing “distracting” clothing from class necessary? Dress codes are hindering learning and need to be removed from schools. Supporters of the dress code say that girls should focus more on their grades than what clothing they are wearing. For example, many mornings at my high school my principal goes into every classroom and makes every student stand up so he can “check for dress code violations”. Although I am not there in the mornings, my friends report they feel “embarrassed”, “violated”, and “shamed” when he checks them for dress code. It is despicable to reduce a student to only their clothing and not their intelligence.…show more content…
Just last week, my friend was pulled out of our National Honor Society meeting to be told by our principal her skirt was too short. Implementing the dress code is supposedly to “help the students’ academic studies” but seems to be more about shaming girls. Having strict dress codes is allowing older male teachers inappropriately look at female students and tell them their clothing “needs to be changed”. Having strict dress codes is allowing body shaming in a school that would most likely not have any if not for a dress code. Having strict dress codes is allowing boys to “have a better education” but sending home the girls – therefore hindering

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