How To Reduce Stress Essay

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Stress can cause us to gain weight...or at the very least to not lose weight. Either way, stress is a sure way to sabotage our weight loss success goals. How do we avoid that when stress is an inevitable part of life-and not totally a bad thing, either?

A lot of us don't even realize we are stressed. On the other hand, sometimes it feels like our stress or tension is the only glue that is holding us together. It is likely that neither of these thoughts is completely accurate.

If you are overweight and have tried unsuccessfully to drop excess fat in the past, stress could be contributing to your downfall. All by itself stress can cause us to hold onto fluids. When we are stressed we also tend to reach more quickly for comfort foods (typically
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Eating a lot of junk food is a habit we get into because of the "feel good" chemicals simple carbohydrates give us...unfortunately these feelings don't last unless we keep eating them and if we do then we feel bad because we aren't sticking to our health goals. Eating healthy foods supports our body and allows it to handle stress not only will you reduce your stress you will be apt to lose weight too!

Change your focus

Often under stress we dwell on what is bugging us. This does nothing to reduce our stress, and thinking about it does not make it go away. Change your focus and think about thinks that bring you pleasure. Not only will you feel better, often the solution to whatever is causing you stress will come to you because you have taken focus off it.

What works for you?

Everyone is different and what works to help you beat stress may not work for anyone else...and what works in one situation might not work in all situations. Take note...and write down...what feels good for you, what brought you a sense of relief. Then the next time you are feeling stressed, try that technique again. By repeating the successful relaxation technique you will develop a new healthy habit that will help you achieve your weight loss

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