How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

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In America and around the world being a nurse is a stressful job. Too much or continued stress can give rise to anxiety, fatigue and even ill health for the individual (Wright, 2014). Working in the nursing environment can expose employees to numerous stressful situations, demands, and pressures, causing a host of health, and safety problems not only for the nurse, but also for their patients. This is why it is important to identify, why nurses are becoming stressed, the consequences of these stressors, and how to effectively apply stress management strategies to reduce work related stress.
During the last 10 years there has been an increase in stress levels for hospital nursing staff. In 2012, a survey was conducted where 3000 nurses were interviewed and asked questions about their working conditions (Burke, 2013). The study results showed that 70% of the nurses surveyed stated they felt that there was not enough staff to complete work in a reasonable amount of time; 80% reported some type of patient care was not done due to lack of time; 42% said that they felt emotional fatigue due to stress in the workplace, and 44% were not happy with their job, and would terminate their current position if another opportunity became available. These survey results
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Nurses that are under extreme amounts of stress can make mistakes while providing care to their patients. Even the smallest mistake when treating a patient can be disastrous. If a mistake is made that costs a patient their life, the consequences can be dire to the nurses career. Each year mistakes made by healthcare professionals cost hospitals large amounts of money, in malpractice suits. This is why it is so important for nurses to find ways to cope with stress and use numerous stress management

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