How To Regulate Sexual Assault

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Over the course of the year’s sexual assault has played a major role in male, females, and children lives. Sexual assault expands across the United States with rape survivors as their family, friends, and significant other are being negatively affected. Sexual assault leads to victims being scared, and not being able to trust anyone. This could affect future relationships with someone, whether it’s a family members, or friends.

There are different types of sexual assault. You have acquaintance rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, marital abuse, and child abuse.
Acquaintance rape is when someone you know very well such as a friend, family member, doctor, coach, or teacher forces you to have sex with them. This can happen at any age, gender, …show more content…

Drugs such as rohypnol and GHB (gamma- hydroxybutyric acid) can be put in someone drink, and would have physical weak, drowsy, and even unconscious. These drugs can make you have loss of memory. Normally these drug are used at parties, clubs, and even on dates.
Marital abuse usually happens when an ex forces you to have sex with them when you don’t want to have anything to do with that person. But since you fear him/her you don’t want to be threaten, so you have sex with them, just for the safe of you and your …show more content…

When women are sexual assaulted they tend to go in a deep depression, which could lead them to not trusting anyone. Women who are raped and never gets help, are bound to not trust anyone because they scared of their past relationship with someone. But then again some women gets help and still have trouble in the future. I have a friend who mother was raped by one of her family members, and as she got older it was hard for her to trust her husband because she thought that every man was the same. But in reality that wasn’t the case, it was just one of her family members took advantage of her and it scarred her life. I remember times when my friend would tell me that his mother would be afraid to sleep alone in her room, because she had nightmares of childhood. When you are sexual assault as a child you tend to always remember that situation throughout your

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