How To Regulate The Use Of Cell Phones In School

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One of the most common rules among schools are rules that regulate the usage of cell phones. When they are allowed, what they can be used for, or if they are permitted at all. A remarkably high percentage of schools prohibit the use of cell phones completely. However, a majority of teachers have their own policy that may not align with the school 's rules. There are some teachers who are enthusiastic about the devices and encourage their use in the classroom, while others loathe them and believe they do not belong in a classroom setting. Some teachers may allow students to use their cell phones when working on certain assignments where they may be necessary or helpful. Teachers may even permit students to use their phones when they have finished all their homework and have free time left over. Many students use their phones while they are in class anyway, despite the school’s rules on the devices. If students were allowed to use their phones during class, as long as it did not cause any distractions or problems, it could benefit teachers and students alike. Cell phones, when used accordingly, can serve multiple purposes other than just texting and making phone calls. They can be…show more content…
If students are going to use their phones in class anyway, why not just allow it so they do not feel the need to conceal the fact that they are using their phones? A student on their phone in class would be more distracted by the need to hide their phone to avoid the consequences than they would be if they just were allowed to use the phone in the first place. Additionally, if students were permitted to have the devices out in class once they complete their work it could motivate students to accomplish all their assignments and increase productivity during the time allotted in the class
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