How To Remain In Congress

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The people of the United States want their political leaders to pay attention, yet use their best judgment, knowledge and power to do so as well. Ultimately, it falls down to whoever can successful accomplish what the people seek of them. Your primary goal to remain in Congress is to fulfill all or at least most of the people’s desires. Three elements need to be done in order to ensure your re-election. One, advertising. You have to capture the people’s attention. You can do so by delivering speeches, mailing greeting cards, attending ribbon-cuttings. Your name, face, and principles need to be out in the public. Second, credit claiming. Show the people that you are involved in policies and casework. Do a little pork barreling to benefit your district, it shows you are capable and willingly to do what your constituents need. Lastly, position taking. Take a certain position on issues that interest your constituents (Canon, 2015). Gain support and favor from the people. Show them that you are understanding and on their side. Your main focus when you get back to your home district should be on your primary constituents. Your primary constituents are the people that voted for you once and will vote for you again, if you accomplished what you did last term. You are an incumbent…show more content…
Trust from your constituents is key. Once the trust is established, your way of representation is chosen. It can be either delegate, in which you should use your best knowledge or judgment to make such decision. Or it can be trustee, in which you follow direct mandates from your constituents. You should vote in the way you think best regardless of your constituents because either way you are right. You were chosen by those fellow constituents to do what’s best for them, they may not know what you do. You have the power to do so as long as you have your constituent’s best interest in
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