How To Remove Letter Grades

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Did you know that removing letter grades would decrease student stress, pressure, and the feeling of failure? The issue with letter grades is that it puts pressure and stress on kids, which isn’t good. Stress can cause health issues. If a student gets an “F,” which stands for failing, it gives them the feeling of failure and that can cause kids to put themselves down and possibly lead to depression. Letter grades should be removed to decrease pressure and stress on students and so that kids do not feel like a failure. Letter grades can lead students to think they are failures. A child that has an F for their grade can be left out or looked down upon not just by other students, but also teachers. If a student feels like a failure that isn’t…show more content…
There is a huge difference between a 70% and 79%, and yet they are both considered a “C.” Also, different percentages can be different grades in different classes. Letter grades are also just a way of comparing students to see which one is better. That isn’t fair because the one that scores the lower score needs help, but the teacher usually favors and focuses on the student with the best grades. We need to remove letter grades because it will help kids with relieving stress and pressure. Some people want to put pressure and stress on kids because it will “help” them, but that’s not good for the kids and their health. It can also sometimes change them into a bad person, which would not lead to a bright future for them. Conversely, there’s people that think thats letter grades shouldn’t be removed to help students learn and help them in the future and help the future generation help would make the world a better place and that there are other people that think the same about this because it helps kids learn and they don’t feel failure anymore because who wants their children to feel that their whole life which isn’t good to feel your whole life so in conclusion we should get rid of letter
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